Company Background

Advanced VTOL Technologies (AVT) is an Australian owned company that has been proudly conducting helicopter - ship interface analysis since 1997 for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and a number of other Defence Forces and commercial organisations around the world. AVT is a world leader in the area of helicopter - ship dynamic interface analysis.

AVT was founded in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia to provide contract services to the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO). Since its inception, the company has provided many highly skilled personnel in the areas of aerospace engineering, software engineering and human factors. Contract support has been provided for operational analysis, helicopter dynamics, helicopter-ship dynamics, simulation fidelity assessment, human in the loop simulation, computer simulation graphics, software engineering, computational fluid dynamics, human factors research and experimental research.

Since January 1998, the company has specialised in helicopter-ship dynamic interface simulation for the ADF. The company has been solely responsible for the development and maintenance of the DSTO-owned OnDeck simulation software. Since 1997, AVT has significantly refined the software to improve fidelity and the number of helicopter types modelled. In recent times, the company has begun to develop a capability in ship motion simulation analysis to support its ongoing helicopter-ship simulation activities. AVT has also been engaged in conducting an ADS-33E-PRF handling qualities assessment of the DSTO Flightlab simulation model. In 2005, AVT commenced providing international services to the Danish Navy, Swedish Navy and the New Zealand Navy to help define Ship-Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOLs) and help solve other operational issues. In 2009, AVT was engaged in a scoping study as part of a NATO working group investigating Ship Quiescent Period Prediction. In 2011, AVT was tasked to undertake a two year program to develop a new helicopter slung loads simulation package for the Australian Army.

AVT's mission is to provide the highest fidelity cost effective simulation solutions for the ADF and customers abroad. It is hoped that the work will lead to improvements in safety and reduce the through life costs associated with operating in such an adverse environments.

Since 2003, the company has also been engaged in a research project to develop a VTOL UAV. Successful low rate hover control was realised in February 2007. The vehicle is still currently under development.



NH90 with MANTIS

NH90 Helicopter with Douglas MANTIS Deck Handler


Chinook with Slung Load

Chinook with Slung Load