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September, 2010.

AVT Tests World First Real Time Helicopter Model Tuning Capability

As part of the ARH Tiger deck trial, AVT has demonstrated a world first unique capability by tuning an OnDeck model in real time whilst embarked. This process enables the rapid tuning of helicopter models to achieve accurate dynamic response correlation. This represents an incredible cost saving Tiger Validationand helps validate the predictive capability of OnDeck. In real time parameters such as tyre pressure and oleo characteristics can be modified.

Shown is a plot of Simulation vs Sensor Displacement Data

September, 2010.

AVT Conducts ARH Tiger MHA System Validation Trial

TigerAVT was engaged by the AIR87 project office to conduct real time validation of the on-deck ARH Tiger dynamic model using the Maritime Helicopter Aid (MHA) validation system. Good correlation was achieved between the real time simulated response and displacement sensor data. The trial was cancelled prematurely due to ship engine fire. This meant that only rigid body validation could occur and only limited model tuning testing.

July, 2010

AVT Provides AIR 9000 Phase 8 Support


AVT has been engaged by the Air9000 project office to conduct detailed simulation modelling to assess NFH90 and MH60-R dynamic doorway clearance on the AWD and FFH class ships.

February - March, 2010

New Zealand NH90 Deck Trial and Canterbury Ship Trial

SeaspriteAVT provided deck trial support for New Zealand Navy to assess HMNZS Canterbury - NH90 ship interface requirements.

We also provided support to assess HMNZS Canterbury ship motion characteristics and conduct OnDeck experimental validation using the Maritime Helicopter Aid System.

21 January, 2010

AVT Maritime Helicopter Aid (MHA) on display

AVT's unique Maritime Helicopter Aid (MHA) was on display for the first time as well as AVT's other helicopter - ship interface simulation capabilities.

MHADeveloped under Commonwealth Capability Technology Demonstrator (CTD) funding from the Commonwealth and managed by the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), the MHA has recently completed successful ship trials as part of the MRH90 Phase 2 First of Class Flight Trial (FOCFT) on HMAS Manoora.

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June 2011

MANTIS Deck Handling System OnDeck Model

AVT has developed a high fidelity Douglas Equipment MANTIS Deck Handler OnDeck model for the ADF to assess the operational capability provided by the system. The model includes detailed undercarriage models as well as fully articulated matrix arm. The model is capable of toppling and sliding assessment as well as the assessment of the loads.

NH90 with MANTIS

August 2011

NZ A109 OnDeck Helicopter Model Development

AVT has been selected by NZ MOD to develop a AW A109 OnDeck helicopter model for the purpose of developing at sea operating limits as well as conducting first of class flight trial risk mitigation analysis. AVT has also been selected to support a planned deck trial.


May 2012

Helicopter Slung Load Model

AVT develops high fidelity Helicopter Slung Loads Simulation Program to enable ADF AMTDU to conduct flight test risk mitigation simulation analysis. The model features a 6-DOF slung load model and detailed sling model including spreader bars.

Chinook with CONEX