Maritime Helicopter Aid

Dynamic Ship Limits - when capability and safety matter. The Maritime Helicopter Aid (MHA) system uses real-time helicopter-ship interface simulation software and ship motion and wind sensor input to estimate limit proximity.

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The MHA provides landing advice for an approaching MRH90 helicpoter

APIMHA maximises ship & helicopter capability

  • Inertial Ship Motion Unit Sensor Input
  • all 6 ship DOF’s (roll, pitch, yaw, heave, ….)
  • rates & accelerations (angular, translational)
  • accounts for ship ballast, list, trim and manoeuvring
  • Wind Anemometer Input

Expanded capability and accurate prediction

Real time simulation enables expanded capability and accurate prediction of sliding/toppling limits as well as lashed and restraint system limits


Validation (Real Time Simulation & Sensor Data Overlay). MHA models can be validated and tuned on ship in real time with:

  • Simulation and sensor data overlaid
  • Model helicopter parameters tuned