We have a long history of providing highly specialised technical and analytical staff to Defence, in particular the Defence Science & Technology Group (DSTG). As a company of experienced and technically active professionals, we provide a level of assurance that the people you engage are really "up to the job".

We offer a variety of engagement models, from fully outsourced work packages, to consultancy services or contract labour under your supervision.

DSTG and other Commonwealth departments or agencies can access our services through the Research, Scientific, Engineering and other Technical Services (ReSET) Standing Offer panel, established in April 2015 (SON2901652).

State government agencies, commercial companies and universities should contact us directly to discuss the options. Where an existing panel arrangement is preferred, we may consider a sub-contracting to one of your current suppliers.




Confident engineerAVT develops high-fidelity flight models for manoeuvre and performance analysis.